Josie Brackett Photography is a full-service studio, which means that we work with you throughout the entire process to create the photo session of your dreams.  Our goal is create outstanding memories that will last for generations in the form of cherished family portraits. We will capture the character and innocence of your precious little ones with child portraits……. display your love and emotions with that special someone in couples portraits……. capture the essence and strength of who you are in beautiful portraits or branding images. Our goal with whatever needs you have is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our services and products.  We are very different from many other photographers, and our approach is based on our desire to provide all of our clients with an fabulous portrait experience.

Your “Experience” with us begins with an in-person Discussion and Design Session, where we’ll have a chance to get to know each other and talk about your vision for your session.  This is where we learn the best way to create something special and outstanding for you.  The process of creating something outstanding  involves feedback and involvement from you. Your input in the process is extremely important and valued, together we can discuss your needs and design a photo session that best fulfills them.  The session typically takes 30-45 minutes (unless, we discover how amazing we both are and talk forever) and at this meeting we will inform you about our process, talk about wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc and answer any questions you may have.

The process of your Photo Session will vary depending on which one you choose but most will start the day with pampering by receiving professional hair & makeup (for the ladies).  Finally, we will ease in to your photo shoot by making you comfortable in front of the camera. I will be directing you every step of the way. We’ll share a lot of laughs and you can soak up the experience while feeling like the beautiful person you are! Generally, the photo shoot will last to 1-2 hours.

The last part of our process is your Image Reveal and Ordering Session.  The reveal can take place at your home, my meeting center or at a local coffee shop, it is completely up to you.  At the reveal, you will be presented with the art we created for you.  This is your opportunity to place orders for the art you love the most.  There will be no “minimum buy”, our hope is that you love them all and buy what you love.  After your order has been placed, we’ll send it off to our professional lab and once received back and carefully inspected, we will deliver them to you.


Everything starts with a phone call.  Contact us here to set up an appointment for your Portrait Design Session today!
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