If you are looking for a rustic and wooded location to take engagement photos, then Todmorden Mills is an amazing place.  It is exactly those reasons (and more) why Meaghan and Chris wanted to their engagement session there.  Not only was the location their top choice but having their children at the session with them was most important.  Meaghan and Chris’ love story is definitely one that will make you say “awe”, as it seems to be straight out of a Romantic movie.  However, their love for each other is quickly shadowed by their love for their children.  Check out their gallery and make sure to read some of their story below.

A Little More About Meaghan & Chris


  • We met online in late 2012, spent 8 months getting to know each other and then had our first date in 2013.
    We’ve been together now for 3.5 years.
  • Our first date was 8 months in the making, and was also our first time meeting each other in person.
    Chris came to my apartment and I made dinner. I made butter chicken from scratch, and to this day, Chris jokes that I must have put love potion in it lol.
  • There was so much built up anticipation for our first date that when I opened my front door and saw Chris standing there on the other side, it was definitely love at first sight for me!
    It’s safe to say that it was for Chris as well since he loved my cooking so much.
  • Okay, get ready for this….
    Chris spent months working on his proposal. He started by asking my two children, and my parents for their permission to ask me to marry him.  He then created a list of reasons why he loves me. He had each reason made into a large sign…there were 101 of them!
    We had a romantic get away booked for a lodge up in Hunstville for groundhog day, and he had the signs delivered there a week before we got there.  On the second morning, he said he was going for coffee for us at the main lodge, and told me to sleep in a bit longer (my favourite lol). He got on a snowmobile with the owner of the lodge and they got everything set up.
    We had breakfast and then got our snow shoes on to go for a beautiful sunrise hike. We turned off the main trail and he took my hands and told me that he had been looking for me his whole life and that he was so glad that we finally found each other. I turned around and that’s when I saw the first sign “101 Reasons why I love you”…
    He had placed every single sign along the trail, and when I got to the top I turned around again and he was down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.
  • Camping, fishing, sledding, family game night and neighbourhood exploring hikes with our kids.
  • Chris and I have both lost people to suicide. I lost my ex, the father of my youngest, and Chris lost his nephew a year prior. We have bonded on the grief that we both feel. He supports and loves my children and has been an amazing role model to my son who lost his father when he wasn’t even 2 years old.
  • There are 101 of them, and growing…
  • I love his gentle heart, his patience, his romantic ways and that we are equal partners with finances and with housework. He is an amazing father to his son and he loves my children like they are his own.
    He loves me just the way I am (I could go on and on about how much I love him!).
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